You Are Enough !

Double Rainbow, Washington Gulch trailhead, near the town of Gothic, near Crested Butte, Colorado USA

My child,
You are enough
Don’t you Know ?

So many care
You are unaware !

Life is such
We have tests

The closer to God
The harder the tests !

Over and over again
I tell unto you !

But you forget
Leaving me in despair

You are born
With a gift
To colour this
Drab world

Do not forget
The whole world
Needs you !

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

Darkness and Light !

Light 3

Looking at Life
We observe
Some are good and
Some are mean.

Some are honest
Some are not
Some who are rude
Some polite to us !

Kind hearts
With those
Hard hearted !

Some who see
The world
Upside down

The world is cruel and
Man is mean !

But always
there is
Two sides

Sadness shows
What Happiness is !

The sun comes out
To show
The night !

We need the darkness
To know
The Light !

~ Deepa Nilamani ~


A Silent Prayer !

Pray 5a

She sits in silence,
Praying into the night.
To each and
Everyone around.

Family and friends.
Strangers alike.
She wishes them well,
With all her might.

No one hears.
No one knows.
No one answers,
Back to her !

Her voice,
Reaches up.
To the,
Heavens above.

God is looking
Down upon her.

He hears
He knows
He answers,
Back to her.

That is all
She ever wants !

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

Wonders of Nature !

Bird 2a

Sometimes I just,
Sit by myself.
Not doing anything but,
Just spending my time.

Gazing up at,
The sky and the clouds.
The birds flying by,
Even aeroplanes !

In the night,
The dark blue sky,
The bright yellow moon,
And the shinning stars !

The beauty of nature.
For us to,

Bring peace,
To the mind,
Joy to the heart.

Do you know,
How fortunate we are ?

As all these
Wonders are,
Blessings from above !

For us to enjoy,
To be happy
In our lives.

To bring peace,
Joy to the world !

~Deepa Nilamani ~


Gifted Hands !

Keys 1

Gliding smoothly
Along the keyboard
Keys come alive
From those
Gifted hands !

The melodies
So wondrous,
That reach up
To the skies,
And heavens above !

For the Fairies
Elves and,
The angels
To dance.

T’is said that,
Music is the
Voice of
The soul !

So your soul
Reach up,
To the skies.

To travel
Far and wide,
Across the seas.

To other lands,
Far and near.
For many a soul,
To sing and dance,
And clap their hands !

Fear not child as,
God given gifts,
Are to be cherished.

Not to be
Played around,
Or cast aside.

As in the end
Ti’s not you,
But they
Who will
Bow down !

~Deepa Nilamani~

Thoughts !

Holland 5

Endless thoughts
In my mind
Running fast
Like a fast
Moving train !

The past
Sweeps away
And the
Future is born.

I want to
Move on
Just like,
The train.

As time too,
Is running,
Like the train.

Some of the
Minds are
Not alert.
Not aware,
Of another’s thoughts !

Each one
Runs their own race.

Some are fast
Some are slow !

We each
Are born free souls
To run our race
In our own times.

Why do they not
Understand this ?

~ Deepa Nilamani ~