A Note of Thanks!

Thank 1
I started writing
Very small verses
Didn’t think
I would go
Very far!

In to the
Wee hours
In the night
I kept on writing
I was
Half asleep!

Now I find
To my surprise
Two hundred souls
Has liked
My page!

Thank You All
I am most grateful
All of you have
Made me
Happy as can be!

Blog 1

~Deepa Nilamani~

Two Little Girls!

Girl 7

A knock on the door
The door burst open!

Two little faces
Like the sun
Through the door!

Grandma we are here
Grandma we want to play
Grandma can we go up!

Two pairs of feet
Up and down
the stairs!

Two pairs of hands
Out for things!

Two little girls
On the bed!

Pillows on the floor
Sheets all crumpled
Neatly made bed!

Squeals of laughter
Echoing around
Just like the wind chimes
Swaying in the wind!

Time to go
Thank you grandma
Love you grandma
Hugs and wet kisses!

Bye bye grandma
The door closes

Sounds of laughter
The patter of feet
Still echoing in the house!

Grandma smiled
A happy smile
Settled herself back
In her comfy chair!

~Deepa Nilamani~

The Hidden Rainbow!

Picture 6

It has been raining
Rain drops keep falling
On and on, and on again!

The sun has gone
Behind the clouds
Taking away the
Light with him.

Without the rain
There are no rainbows
Without the sun too
There are no rainbows!

When will the
Sun come out again?
With patience
I wait time and again.

Looking up
High above,
Searching through the
Sky and clouds,

The sun has
Taken away
All the
Colours from the sky!

The world has lost it’s
Colours again!

~Deepa Nilamani~

The Lion and The Little Girl!


She walked with him
On his morning walks.
He was talking of the
Sky, the sun and the clouds.

But she was looking
For sticks and stones,
And running behind,
The baby calves!

Looking for fruits and
Flowers of wild.
Filling her pockets
To the brim.

She had her own questions
All of her own,
Which he patiently
Explained to her.

Why is that and why is this?
How is that and how is this?
Maybe childish but always kind
Full of love and tenderness.

Long time since,
He is no more,
A place I really
Like to go back.

With happy and
Sweet memories
Of care free,
Childhood days.

Birth and death,
Is the cycle of life.
We all fall under it
When we are born.

You left me long ago,
Your spirit has been,
Always around.

It has been,
A very difficult path.
If not for you,
Would not have survived.

My guiding light,
From birth to death,
Even before and beyond,
Life goes on, on and on.

So many doubtful,
Eyes upon me.
You have given back,
My dignity.

I am so thankful
For your gift.
That will help,
So many many more.

I am most blessed,
To have been
Born to you.

With utmost gratitude,
Deep respect,
I worship you!

~Deepa Nilamani~

















Flowers Born to Fill the Dessert Air!

Flowers 5

They thought
The flower was
Born to
Blush unseen.

And waste its
In the
Dessert air.

But the
Destiny of
The flower
Unknown to them.

A different story,
To be known
In time.

The rains
Poured down
And the
Dessert bloomed.

Travelers from
Far and wide.

To walk through
The dessert,
Full of flowers.

To sooth
The tired souls,
To inhale the
Pure sweetness

And, to see the
Beautiful flower
In the sweet dessert air!

-Deepa Nilamani-

The Warrior and the Storms!

Devil 2

In life
We all
Come across

Some are big and
Some are small.

Some are harsh
Cold and strong.

Just like the
Wicked with
No hearts at all!

They come
For us to
Fight and win.

To know our strength
And will to go on.

Storms are like
The devil in disguise.

Hiding behind the
Shadows of darkness
It whispers,
“You cannot win”.

The warrior

“I am
The storm”!

“I am born to
Lead others
Through the storm”!

-Deepa Nilamani-