A Mother’s Grief!

Mother 1aa

Ripped apart
From her children.

Over and over again
Through the years.

The mother cries
Her broken heart bleeds.

Her wailing echoes
Through the universe.

Thunder rolls in
With lightening skies.

Rains pour down
With lashing storms.

The universe wails with
The weeping mother!

– Deepa Nilamani –

As You Sleep!

Beautiful 10

As you sleep
In quiet slumber
May you receive
Blessings sent your way!

Lulling your mind
Into a peaceful rest,
Filing it with,
Beautiful dreams!

Awaken you
New aspirations.

To a
New day,
A new beginning.

With new hopes
Full of Joy!

– Deepa Nilamani

Empty Words !

Empty 1a

I have no time
Empty words
Useless gossip.

Putting down others
Dragging the past.

Talking behind
Back of others !

I spend my time,
Doing my work.

In my own little world
To upgrade myself.
To keep me going
With no harm
To others.

If I do no harm
To no one
Even you,

Why ? Why ?
Do you Not
Let me be ?

What do you still,
Want from me ?

As you have
Robbed my things,
To confuse me ?

There will be !

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

Poetry !


We don’t read and write poetry,
Because it’s cute.
We read and write poetry,
Because we are members,
Of the human race.

And the human race is filled with passion.
Medicine, law, business and engineering,
These are noble pursuits,
Necessary to sustain life.

But poetry,
Beauty, romance and love,
These are what we,
Stay alive for.

~Robin Williams~

Souls Apart !


When I am alone,
I get this strange feeling,
That, I am not alone.

I almost sense him,
Moving around,
Almost as if,
He is around !

Face almost forgotten,
Over the years.
But not his kind eyes,
Gazing into mine.

Why are these thoughts,
Haunting me still ?

Although words unspoken,
Did our souls meet !

Am I in his heart,
Just as he is in mine !

Will I ever see him again ?
Will our paths cross again ?

Will life bring us together again ?
To walk along the milky way,
Among the stars,
To eternity !

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

Thoughts of Silence !


Sitting in silence,
In the comfort of my home,
Behind closed doors,
Alone in my thoughts.

I think to myself,
Is this reality ?
To be alone,
A purpose,
I cannot see !

I hear a soft voice,
Yes my child,
There is always a reason,
A purpose,
The eye cannot see !

Behind all closed doors,
Away from the noisy clutter,
You hear your soft voice,
You find yourself.

Who you are,
And what you want !

So away from,
The world’s noisy clutter,
I sit in silence,
To ponder.

Who am I ?
What do I want ?

I hear from,
Deep within that,
There is a reason,
For everything,
Everything leads to,
Our purpose in Life !

And now,
I have found,
That purpose in life.

A path that leads,
In unfolding my journey.

For those to know,
How I fell into darkness,
And how I came out,
In to the light.

And now,
I am holding that light,
For those who were lost,
For them,
To come home too.

To join together,
To spread across the world,
Happiness, Joy,
Peace and,
Harmony !

~Deepa Nilamani~