Against the dark skies,
Full of stars.
Face so fair,
Shining bright.

Looking down,
With eyes so deep,
My Lord he does not,
Speak with me!!!

Who is this?
He asks.

Its the,
Man in the moon,
Don’t you know!

He has much,
Work to do.
In his own time,
Don’t you know!

Till then,
You have your own,
You know.
Stop fretting about and,
Let him be!

But my lord,
I most humbly ask,
What is this work,
You say I have!

I am impatient.
I need to know!

Impatience my child,
Does not go far.
Time will reveal,
What you need to know.

Patience my child,
Will take you far,
Trust, Faith and Loyalty.

Time to go now,
May blessings be!

Till then remember,
What helps you through,
Wisdom, Patience and,

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

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