Strawberry Gauva!

Hello To All My Dear Readers ❤

I am posting the progress of the Strawberry Gauva tree and the fruits. Hope you like to see how they come up from the flowers to finally to the red fruits 🙂

Berries 1aa
Buds and flowers 

Berries 2a

White flowers!

Berries 3a

Berries 4a

After the flowers, beginning of the little fruits 

Berries 5a
Middle section will be the fruits 🙂

berries 6a
Tiny fruits 😛

Berries 7a
They have become the fruits itself 😀

Berries 8a
Waiting to taste some!

Berries 9a
Covered up with netting to protect from all the birds pecking at them before they are ripe!

Berries 11

Berries 11a

Becoming ripe 🙂

Berries 13a

They look nice against the dark green leaves 😀

Berries 16a
Finally get to eat some. Pretty as the plate itself 😛

Berries 17

I hope All enjoyed the Journey of how Strawberry Gauva came up from the buds, flowers and then became fruits itself 🙂

Deepa 100Deepa Nilamani 🙂

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