Two Little Girls!

A knock on the door
The door burst open!

Two little faces
Like the sun
Through the door!

Grandma we are here
Grandma we want to play
Grandma can we go up!

Two pairs of feet
Up and down
the stairs!

Two pairs of hands
Out for things!

Two little girls
On the bed!

Pillows on the floor
Sheets all crumpled
Neatly made bed!

Squeals of laughter
Echoing around
Just like the wind chimes
Swaying in the wind!

Time to go
Thank you grandma
Love you grandma
Hugs and wet kisses!

Bye bye grandma
The door closes

Sounds of laughter
The patter of feet
Still echoing in the house!

Grandma smiled
A happy smile
Settled herself back
In her comfy chair!

~Deepa Nilamani~

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