The Wrath of God!

God 6

We have a religion
To know
What is right.

To be
Truthful and honest
To be kind and

The religions
Teach us
The laws of
The Universe.

That to
Abide by them
Is the correct way
To live.

Being unjust
And harming others
Is going against
The laws of the Universe.

Which does not
Bring Blessings our way
The Wrath of God.

The heavens open up and
The powers of
The God is revealed.

He shows his strength
To put things right
To those who
Have been harmed.

To bring back
Righteousness and Justice
And peace to
The world!

-Deepa Nilamani-


Eye 8

A time to work
A time to play
A time to rest
And sleep!

We need to know
The value of time
As time gone by
Is lost forever!

Time does not
Stop for anyone.

Even though
Sometimes we stop
The clock ticks on
Without a stop.

Moments pass
Days go by
Months and Years
Becomes the past!

Time is precious
So make
The most of it.

Not too slow
And not too fast.
Not behind
Or running against!

Keeping to the beat
At all times!

Is the way that
Leads to a
Happy Life!

-Deepa Nilamani-

Moving On!

Cover 5a

I finally,
Closed the door.

To endless heartache
And pain.

Letting go
Is also painful.
From those whom you,
Deeply care.

There comes,a breaking point,
Where your heart
Can take no more.

If all you get,
Is endless pain,
What else,
Can you do?

If you had to,
Face the same thing,
What do you think,
You would do?

-Deepa Nilamani-


Fire 2aa

She said,
You know,
I know about suffering,
Trials and tribulations.

But then,
Once I fell down,
I was still pushed
Down, down and
Down again
To the very end.

Almost as if
I was crucified!

The voice said
Yes they did.
You will rise again.

She did!

– Deepa Nilamani –

A Mother’s Grief!

Mother 1aa

Ripped apart
From her children.

Over and over again
Through the years.

The mother cries
Her broken heart bleeds.

Her wailing echoes
Through the universe.

Thunder rolls in
With lightening skies.

Rains pour down
With lashing storms.

The universe wails with
The weeping mother!

– Deepa Nilamani –