Hands That Help !


With Extreme Gratitude to, Shri Sathya Sai Baba !

Some may think that,
He is false,
Are mistaken,
Ever more.

We are,
Just mortals,
Down below.

Who are we ?
To judge,
The powers above !!!

He watches you,
Day and Night.

Whispers child,
That’s not right !

If I have,
No time to pray,

Holier are,
The hands that help.

I ask not for,
Fancy things.
Those that,
We leave behind.

Every step of the way,
All I ask you,

Challenges came,
One by one.
I would fall and cry !

He watched over me
Tossing and turning,
In the stormy sea.

Tests and trials,
Hard work it was.
Sometimes I thought,
I would fall down.

When it was hard,
I cried out,
Swami this is,
Too much for me !

When is it,
Going to end,
Tell me !

Its always,
The darkest,
Just before dawn.

True to the words,
Morning was born.

Bright as ever,
The sun came up,
The darkness,
Away from the light.

A new day,
A new life,
To Begin again.

Dear Swami,
With Gratitude and,
I bow down to you !

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

A Blessing !


So much is,
robbed from us.

Suppressed and

We become lost,
Not knowing,
What to do,
Where to go !

But then,
Life can change,
Just overnight.

Just like the,
Seasons of,
Mother earth.

Just like,
Ending the drought.
Bringing back,
Mother earth to life.

Human life too,
Bounces back,
As we are,
Part of mother earth.

Life works in,
Mysterious ways,
Suddenly things,
Come back to you.

At a time and ways,
You never thought,
Even more than,
You ever dreamt !!!

Precious and priceless,
Gifts so rare,
In the world,
None can compare.

Never to be,
Held back,
In selfish deeds.
Never to be,
Taken away from you.

To share with,
Others in need.
To mend and,
Heal their broken hearts.

To lift the fallen,
To their feet.
To light their paths,
In every way.

And then,
As graciously,
As you came !!!

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

Questions !


Against the dark skies,
Full of stars.
Face so fair,
Shining bright.

Looking down,
With eyes so deep,
My Lord he does not,
Speak with me !!!

Who is this ?
He asks.

Why !
Its the,
Man in the moon,
Don’t you know !!!

He has much,
Work to do.
In his own time,
Don’t you know !!!

Till then,
You have your own,
You know.
Stop fretting about and,
Let him be !!!

But my lord,
I most humbly ask,
What is this work,
You say I have !!!

I am impatient.
I need to know !!!

Impatience my child,
Does not go far.
Time will reveal,
What you need to know.

Patience my child,
Will take you far,
Trust, Faith and Loyalty.

Time to go now,
May blessings be !

Till then remember,
What helps you through,
Wisdom, Patience and,
Dignity !!!

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

Broken Trust !


When trust is broken and,
Truth is hidden.
Its not your world,
Breaks apart !

Those who,
Do not,
Keep their word,
Know the meaning,
Of dignity,

Rise up,
For a moment,
They won.

Alas very soon,
To fall,
Below all !!!

~Deepa Nilamani~

Destiny !


Was it my destiny,
A twist in my fate ?

That I was chosen,
Correct a mistake.

Once it was done,
Why is it,
Being pulled back !!!

Did I sacrifice,
My life  in vain ?

Did the Universe,
Make a mistake !!!

Is it making plans and,
Playing it’s own game !!!

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

God’s Hands!


When you are fallen and,
All alone.

Some of the others,
Leave you alone !

But God looks upon those,
Who do no wrong.

The weak and those,
Who are,
All alone.

He gives his hands,
To Rise up and Stand.

To get back,
On your feet,

To stand,
Tall and Strong !

~Deepa Nilamani ~