Thoughts of Silence !


Sitting in silence,
In the comfort of my home,
Behind closed doors,
Alone in my thoughts.

I think to myself,
Is this reality ?
To be alone,
A purpose,
I cannot see !

I hear a soft voice,
Yes my child,
There is always a reason,
A purpose,
The eye cannot see !

Behind all closed doors,
Away from the noisy clutter,
You hear your soft voice,
You find yourself.

Who you are,
And what you want !

So away from,
The world’s noisy clutter,
I sit in silence,
To ponder.

Who am I ?
What do I want ?

I hear from,
Deep within that,
There is a reason,
For everything,
Everything leads to,
Our purpose in Life !

And now,
I have found,
That purpose in life.

A path that leads,
In unfolding my journey.

For those to know,
How I fell into darkness,
And how I came out,
In to the light.

And now,
I am holding that light,
For those who were lost,
For them,
To come home too.

To join together,
To spread across the world,
Happiness, Joy,
Peace and,
Harmony !

~Deepa Nilamani~

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