Thoughts of Silence!


Sitting in silence,
In the comfort of my home,
Behind closed doors,
Alone in my thoughts.

I think to myself,
Is this reality?
To be alone,
A purpose,
I cannot see!

I hear a soft voice,
Yes my child,
There is always a reason,
A purpose,
The eye cannot see!

Behind all closed doors,
Away from the noisy clutter,
You hear your soft voice,
You find yourself.

Who you are,
And what you want!

So away from,
The world’s noisy clutter,
I sit in silence,
To ponder.

Who am I?
What do
I really want?

I hear from,
Deep within that,
There is a reason,
For everything,
Everything leads to,
Our purpose in Life!

And now,
I have found,
That purpose in life.

A path that leads,
In unfolding my journey.

And now,
Life is
All about,

For all
To come
Join together,

To spread across the world,
Happiness, Joy,
Peace and,

~Deepa Nilamani~

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