Empty Words !

Empty 1a

I have no time
Empty words
Useless gossip.

Putting down others
Dragging the past.

Talking behind
Back of others !

I spend my time,
Doing my work.

My own little world
To upgrade myself.
To keep me going
With no harm
To others.

If I do no harm
To no one
Even you,

Why ? Why ?
Do you Not
Let me be ?

All you wanted
Was given to you.
I was all good,
Until you took !

What do you still,
Want from me ?
Flesh and bones
That is left of me ?

No sense of
Good or bad.
No clue
What purity is.

Or else,
You would
Never have,
My, sacred space !

Robbed my things,
To confuse me ?

There will be !

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

Jealousy !

jealousy 1a

You took almost
Every thing away !

And now
Why are you still
Coming behind ?

What I have is
No value to you.

They are not things
Money can buy.

Caring friendships
Grateful hearts.

Are not things
You will ever know.

So you try to
Spoil those too !

Things, that are
Blessed from above

Are Not to be
Played around.

What goes around
Does come around.

What goes up
Also come down.

Harming another
Comes back to you.

The Longer it takes
The harder
The blow !

Don’t you know ?

~Deepa Nilamani~