Moving On!

Cover 5a

I finally,
Closed the door.

To endless heartache
And pain.

Letting go
Is also painful.
From those whom you,
Deeply care.

There comes,
A breaking point,
Where your heart
Can take no more.

If all you get,
Is endless pain,
What else,
Can you do?

If you had to,
Face the same thing,
What do you think,
You would do?

-Deepa Nilamani-

A Mother’s Grief!

Mother 1aa

Ripped apart
From her children.

Over and over again
Through the years.

The mother cries
Her broken heart bleeds.

Her wailing echoes
Through the universe.

Thunder rolls in
With lightening skies.

Rains pour down
With lashing storms.

The universe wails with
The weeping mother!

– Deepa Nilamani –