Jealousy !

jealousy 1a

You took almost
Every thing away !

And now
Why are you still
Coming behind ?

What I have is
No value to you.

They are not things
Money can buy.

Caring friendships
Grateful hearts.

Are not things
You will ever know.

So you try to
Spoil those too !

Things, that are
Blessed from above

Are Not to be
Played around.

What goes around
Does come around.

What goes up
Also come down.

Harming another
Comes back to you.

The Longer it takes
The harder
The blow !

Don’t you know ?

~Deepa Nilamani~

Farewell To A Beautiful Soul !


A Tribute To My Friend, Soul Sister ~ Lori Tolson !

Our paths crossed as,
Friends on Face Book.
You from the West and,
Me from the East.

Completely different worlds as to say ?
In a physical sense,
Yes !

You saw me as who I am.
My beliefs and values in life.
I saw you, as who you are.
Your beliefs and,
Your values in life.

Worlds apart but,
We found in us,
So much in common.
Trust, Respect and,
Dignity !

You keeping an eye from USA,
While I am fast asleep,
Down under.

Smallest change in my,
Face Book profile,
In my message box appears,
My friend,
Are you ok ?

Sometimes a Friend sometimes a teacher,
Same age but,
Almost a stern mother !!!

Life is such that,
Changes are sudden.

And out of the Blue,
You told me,
My work is done.
It’s time to go !!!

So soon,
My Friend ?
My heart is heavy !!!

A heavy heart my friend,
Is not focused on Eternity.
Nothing can separate us,
As, we are interconnected.

Our friendship is,
Two hearts together.
To Light the world,
With Love forever !


And now,

In just a year,
I find,
You have gone !!!

No more birthdays or,
Christmas cards.
You have left,
I came to see you !!!

Deeply saddened,
But I know,
Now you are free,
And in Peace.

Although we have parted now,
You are always,
In My Heart,

Until My work is done,
And until,
We meet again.

Your words will,
Always echo,
Where you are.

And I will keep on hearing,

You are Enough,
You are Enough,
Just as You are ❤



With Deep Gratitude and Love for your friendship and Guidance ❤

Keep on Shinning and May You Rest in Peace ❤

~ Deepa Nilamani ~