The Hidden Rainbow!


Rainbow 1a

It has been raining
Rain drops keep falling
On and on, and on again!

The sun has gone
Behind the clouds
Taking away the
Light with him.

Without the rain
There are no rainbows
Without the sun too
There are no rainbows!

When will the
Sun come out again?
With patience
I wait time and again.

Looking up
High above,
Searching through the
Sky and clouds

Where has all
The colours gone?

I am waiting for
The Rainbow to
Come out

Lo behold
My waiting
Was rewarded,

It did
Come out
Not one

Two appeared!

~Deepa Nilamani~

You Are Enough!


Gift 1a

My child,
You are enough
Don’t you Know ?

So many care
You are unaware !

Life is such
We need to
Work hard!

Over and over again
I tell unto you!

But you forget

You are born
With a gift,
To colour
This world,

To bring,
Joy and Happiness,
This world!

Do not forget
Gifts are

If not
They are used
They will
Fly far away
From you!

~ Deepa Nilamani ~

A Mother’s Thoughts!


In the silence,
Across the miles,
I hear your unspoken words.

Suddenly my heart overflows,
Just like,
A mother to her child.

The need arises,
To ask,
How are you,
My precious child?

But then you are silent.
As you are not my own?

Yet my own.
As you are in my heart,
And in my soul.

Always been,
And will be for ever.

Does anyone need,
To belong to you ?

To have that love,
Of a mother,
To her child?

A mother to my child,
I will always be,

To my child,
A mother,
I always will be!

~ Deepa Nilamani ~