Gifted Hands !

Keys 1

Gliding smoothly
Along the keyboard
Keys come alive
From those
Gifted hands !

The melodies
So wondrous,
That reach up
To the skies,
And heavens above !

For the Fairies
Elves and,
The angels
To dance.

T’is said that,
Music is the
Voice of
The soul !

So your soul
Reach up,
To the skies.

To travel
Far and wide,
Across the seas.

To other lands,
Far and near.
For many a soul,
To sing and dance,
And clap their hands !

Fear not child as,
God given gifts,
Are to be cherished.

Not to be
Played around,
Or cast aside.

As in the end
Ti’s not you,
But they
Who will
Bow down
To you!

~Deepa Nilamani~

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